choosing a good wood pellet mill to produce biomass fuel pellets

Making wood pellets and biomass briquttes are highly skilled processes, they require the good right equipment and knowledge of how to operate the wood pellet machine to produce pellets or briquettes.Your raw material may be different from others, a good knowledge is critical on how to adjust the moisture, particle size and how and when to add binders and lubricants.Not every pellet mill is suitable for producing biomass or wood pellets of a sufficient density We specially focus on solutions on small scale production for individual users.

Characteristic of wood pellet mill:

1. Our pellet mill can solve the problem that biomass fuel with crude fiber is difficult to pellet and has bad performance. The main drive of our pellet mill adopts the high accuracy gear driving. It makes gear directly-connecting as the driver, and is with quick-release die fixed by clamps, which can increase the output 15% more than the same type machine with belt-convey.
2. The feeder of our wood pellet mill uses variable-frequency and variable-speed motor to make sure the good quality of the pellet. It is equipped with overload protection device and boost pump lubrication system.
3.our wood pellet machine made of stainless steel. We adopt international manufacturing technique to provide customers with different kinds of mould or according to customer’s requirements. And our wood pellet mill is long life service, high quality and cost less for every ton.

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